FIVE YEARS! our pal Jim Semonik, the man behind Electronic Saviors, is officially 5 years cancer free! to celebrate, we are putting Electronic Saviors II on sale for a limited time! Buy it, and know that 100% of the proceeds go to cancer charities

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New Releases
Front Line Assembly

$12.98 · CD
And Man Created God

$12.98 · CD
Everything Goes Cold
Black Out the Sun

$12.98 · CD
Vomito Negro
Death Sun

$12.98 · CD
Memory Work [Limited Edition LP Vinyl]

$17.98 · Vinyl
Various Artists
Electronic Saviors Vol. 3: Remission

$25.98 · Box
Coming Soon
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08.05 Borghesia
And Man Created God [Limited Edition LP Vinyl]
· Vinyl
08.12 Cocksure
· CD
08.12 Cocksure
TVMALSV Limited Edition Vinyl
· Vinyl
09.09 KMFDM
· CD
09.09 The Birthday Massacre
Violet Limited Edition Vinyl
· Vinyl
09.23 Prude
the dark age of consent
· CD
09.23 Sequential Access
Sex Addicts Anonymous
· CD

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Top 10 Sellers
Week of July 6, 2014
Memory Work [Limited Edition LP Vinyl]
02Various Artists
Electronic Saviors Vol. 3: Remission
03Assemblage 23
The Vinyl Sessions
04Front Line Assembly
05The Birthday Massacre
Hide and Seek [Limited Edition LP Vinyl]
06Various Artists
Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
We Love You
08Suicide Commando
When Evil Speaks (Limited Edition)
09God Module
False Face
Bulwark Bazooka