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Hailed as one of the rising stars of the Dark Electro scene, San Francisco based PSYCLON NINE bring us the new album “INRI.” The new record features thirteen tracks of dark, aggressive Electro focusing on religious themes. Not an album for the faint of heart, this is an all out assault on the senses. PSYCLON NINE delivers their message with top notch production and songwriting with each song custom crafted for the dancefloors. The album also features a scorching cover of the MINISTRY song “You Know What You Are.” On Metropolis Records.

01. INRI
02. Behind a Serrated Grin
03. The Feeding
04. Lamb of God
05. Hymn to the Angels' Decent
06. Rape This World
07. The Feeble Mind
08. Requiem for the Christian Era
09. Faith: Disease
10. Harlot
11. The Unfortunate
12. Nothing Left
13. You Know What You Are

Genre: Electro Industrial

[tracks from the digital version]

Behind A Serrated Grin
The Feeding
Lamb Of God
Hymn To The Angels Descent
Rape This World
The Feeble Mind
Requiem For The Christian Era
Faith : Disease
The Unfortunate
Nothing Left
You Know What You Are

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