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Until The Shadows

$8.90   |   Digital   |   CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Also available · CD $12.98

PRE-RELEASE: tracks will be available for download on December 4, 2009.

Psyche is back with a new collection entitled Until The Shadows, delving into the mystery that continues to make their music so intriguing. Included you'll find remastered and re-recorded early renowned Psyche hits “The Crawler,” “Brain Collapses,” and “The Outsider.” Together rare tracks such as “Absolute,” the ever popular “15 Minutes (Lights Out),” and 7” single mix of “Eternal.” Additionally for the first time ever, the previously unreleased original recording of “Misguided Angels” and the Legacy Mix of “Disorder,” which were originally a 7” single which was recorded as a tribute to Joy Division, are included on this release. Last but not least the recent re-recording of “Goodbye Horses” brings you and this collection of Psyche’s odd aural delights right up through the last two decades into the 21st Century. All tracks have been remastered for maximum quality, and sequenced in a way that leaves the impression that Until The Shadows is not just a compilation but may well be the best album Psyche never knew they made!

Disorder (Legacy Mix)3:53$ 0.89
6 Feet Under (Extended Mix)6:10$ 0.89
Goodbye Horses (21st Century Mix)4:05$ 0.89
Defenseless (On The Bridge Mix)5:19$ 0.89
Unveiling The Secret (Christian Piotrowski Mix)3:38$ 0.89
The Quickening (Club Mix)4:44$ 0.89
Absolute3:20$ 0.89
15 Minutes (Lights Out)4:55$ 0.89
The Outsider 20015:44$ 0.89
Brain Collapses (Revisited)4:16$ 0.89
The Crawler (Remaster)2:22$ 0.89
Misguided Angels (Prev. Unreleased)3:41$ 0.89
Assassin4:47$ 0.89
Eternal (7 inch Version)4:16$ 0.89
Snow Garden (Alternative Edit)5:14$ 0.89
Until The Shadows4:20$ 0.89
One Last Kiss4:27$ 0.89

Genre: Synthpop Alternative

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