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Frontline Assembly reclaimed its throne last year with the release of Artificial Soldier and the world tour following it. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the band is prepping for a second assault. A brand new club invasion is imminent for the spring on two levels. The first wave will consist of the introduction of a brand new remix album onto the dancefloors. Featuring three brand new tracks, and nine remixes, Fallout is a complete battery for the senses. It has been deemed to cause exhaustion from excessive dancing, hearing loss from listening to it too loud, and vertigo from its mind-blowing musical sequences. As if all of that weren’t enough, FLA’s final wave is to make sure Fallout was effective by sweeping through in concert to finish off any survivors.

Unleashed (Mindless Mix By Sebastian R. Komor)6:17$ 0.89buy mp3
Buried Alive (DJ (?) Acucrack Mix By Jason Novak)6:14$ 0.89buy mp3
Beneath The Rubble (Combichrist Remix)6:16$ 0.89buy mp3
Electric Dreams4:39$ 0.89buy mp3
Armageddon6:01$ 0.89buy mp3
Social Enemy (Anti-Social Mix By Jeremy Inkel)7:01$ 0.89buy mp3
Lowlife (Remix By Portion Control)4:18$ 0.89buy mp3
Humanity (Kearly Edit Remix BY Dan Kearley)7:05$ 0.89buy mp3
Reprobate (Lowlife) (Remixed By Greg Reely)5:49$ 0.89buy mp3
Domination (Unleashed) (Remixed By Rhys Fulber)4:34$ 0.89buy mp3
The Storm (Covenant Remix)7:04$ 0.89buy mp3
Unconscious5:11$ 0.89buy mp3

Genre: Electro Industrial

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