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Gegen Den Strom

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After releasing the successful album “Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen” and the long awaited “best of” “Querschnitt” in 2004, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA aren’t wasting any time in producing new material. Already making waves with the “One Nation” import single, the band is ready to dive into the club scene once again with their newest album, “Gegen Den Strom” (Against the River) which is multifaceted, powerful, exciting, and highly danceable at the same time. It represents the first time that this exceptional project presents itself more as a full band and less like a long-term co-operation between lots of various artists. Mastermind Torben Schmidt abstained from the typical guest-vocals to enable Jimmy Machon (LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA live vocalist) to sing 90% of the twelve new tracks. Next to the single “One Nation,” there are songs like “Liquid Lust,” “The Night,” “White Wall,” “Feel the Pain” (featuring Dennis Ostermann of IN STRICT CONFIDENCE) and “You Are” (featuring Neo of PUNTO OMEGA) that will surely cast a spell over the listener. The North American version of “Gegen Den Strom” features five bonus club mixes not found on the regular edition of the import. On Metropolis Records.

Was Wäre Wenn?1:08$ 0.89buy mp3
Burning Ground5:28$ 0.89buy mp3
White Wall5:06$ 0.89buy mp3
Liquid Lust (Part I)4:46$ 0.89buy mp3
Leben & Tod1:31$ 0.89buy mp3
You Are (feat. Punto Omega)4:31$ 0.89buy mp3
The Night (Futurezone Club Mix)4:34$ 0.89buy mp3
A Moment Of Past5:21$ 0.89buy mp3
Feel The Pain (feat. In Strict Confidence)4:29$ 0.89buy mp3
One Nation6:03$ 0.89buy mp3
Liquid Lust (Part II)4:39$ 0.89buy mp3
White Wall (State Of The Union Remix)4:36$ 0.89buy mp3
The Night (Rotersand Rework)4:01$ 0.89buy mp3
White Wall (Desperation Remix)5:13$ 0.89buy mp3
Feel The Pain (Hecq Remix)5:24$ 0.89buy mp3
White Wall (Glis Remix)3:53$ 0.89buy mp3
A Moment Of Past (72 Mix By Xotox)3:28$ 0.89buy mp3

Genre: Electro

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